Educational Show

educationalFor schools, clubs, scouts and guides etc, we introduce the all new
Educational Bubble Show

Suitable for KS1 and KS2 the Bubble Show covers:
* Forces
* Gases
* Why are bubbles round?
* How can we make bubbles?
* Why do bubbles pop?

You will see:
* Bubble volcanos
* Helium bubbles
* Bubbles inside bubbles
* Giant bubbles
* Children inside bubbles!

We can do a Bubble Show for the whole school, or split the classes into small groups to have hands-on experience of creating different types of bubbles.  We can even provide PDFs of handouts for you with experiments and more information you can use yourself.

For a fun way to burn off some energy, the bubble show can be followed up by taking the bubbles outside to chase around clouds of bubbles in the playground. It is sure-fire way of making STEM subjects fun!

We can also provide a “messy workshop” — which involves teaching the children our secret bubble recipe and making their own bubble mix, making bubble wands, and creating all different types of bubbles.